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LAMUS Consulting

From, Jonathan Krogh, founder & President of LAMUS Consulting, LLC, comes The Joshua Factor: Leadership Principles From an Ancient Warrior. Contact for both print and e-Book formats.

Leading And Managing Untapped Strengths

LAMUS stands for "Leading and Managing Untapped Strengths". In Roman mythology Lamus, son of Zeus, was the patron of rivers. Like the channeling of a river's course, LAMUS Consulting seeks to harness the flowing strength of organizations founded for service, driven by mission, and seeking effective stewardship of human commitment and resources.

The single greatest impediment to leadership effectiveness is passivity. Working with the decision makers, managers, and supervisors, LAMUS Consulting can give the individuals in your organization a creative edge by coaching them to move through the anxiety that underlies most passivity.

We specialize in Church Congregational and Senior Service Agency development. If you want to energize your organization, or if you desire new effectiveness in your own performance, contact LAMUS Consulting. We bring over 20 years of coaching experience helping people be their best.
Consulting for Senior Care Professionals
Danette (Wade) Krogh, Executive Vice President Senior Services Development
Danette (Wade) Krogh, Executive Vice President of LAMUS Consulting, has developed training programs targeted to senior care professionals and service providers.   These practical trainings are most helpful for front-line, hands-on care-givers. Whether providing support for family members or continuing professional education, in-service programs and training modules are powerful tools. LAMUS tailors each program to addresses the challenges faced by those who must combine competence with compassion.
Services to Executives & Congregations
Jonathan B. Krogh, Founder and President LAMUS Consulting, LLC
Jonathan B. Krogh LAMUS Consultling specializes in helping your entire organization find direction, implement programs, and restructure interal processes to address current and future realities.  Our Executive Coaching has been named "Best of Chicago" by the US Commerce Association for 2011 & 2012.  Forming your "team" and keeping them effective is a LAMUS strength.

Jonathan also preaches weekly at the First Presbyterian Church, Peotone, Illinois.  To hear a sermon CLICK HERE. 


 LAMUS catalyzes strength and authenticity through a 3-tiered approach:

  • First, LAMUS individually coaches your key decision makers to think clearly.
  • Second, LAMUS group-coaches management teams to streamline process.
  • Third, LAMUS provides organization-wide training so you may retain your best people. 



LAMUS Consulting, LLC

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