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LAMUS Consulting

Leadership - a balancing act, graceful when done well, frightening if done poorly.

LAMUS Deep Congregational Consulting

Most church consulting firms bring the same process to every client.  They contract for a series of "stock" presentations, and surveys.  Several months later they provide you with a "report".  Your congregation is diagnosed, labeled, and put in a box; then they offer to sell you a variety of programs pre-packaged to "fix" your "sick" church.  You purchase the programs, and you're on your own.

Jonathan Krogh, president of LAMUS Consulting, believes most congregations are not lacking programs, but missing passion.  Each congregation has a unique history, context, and purpose. 

Using his background in organizational theory, Krogh has developed a consulting method of strategic listening designed to identify the possibilities and inspire the passion for the members of every client congregation.  

Cost and time projections are agreed upon prior to the beginning of a contractual relationship.  There are no add-ons or hidden costs. 

Real change does not occur as the result of a sudden push; significant change comes from persistant and sustained encouragement.

LAMUS Consulting remains with the client through analysis AND implementation, and contracts to work with only one Deep Consulting congregation at a time.  Deep Consulting is significantly less expensive than the addition of an intern or part time staff member, but strategucally more effective in generating lasting change. 

A LAMUS Deep Consulting process ordinairly occurs over a period of eight to twelve months.

LAMUS Consulting Services to Congregations
Congregations often stagnate when leadership plans for the future without first assessing current realities.  LAMUS Consulting, LLC provides three major services to assist congregations.  LAMUS provides Deep Consulting, a sustained presence with the congregation to assess circumstance, build leadership, and sustain change.  LAMUS also provides a Leadership Training program for congregational leaders.  LAMUS also provides retreat and Topical Presentations for your congregation's edification and development. Each of LAMUS' programs address four pillars of corporate structure. These pillars build on the congregation's heritage and tradition:
Resources- these include not only the financial assets of the congregation and the capacity for member contributions, but also the gifts and abilities of the members. Appropriate stewardship of these resources begins with an accurate understanding of their availability and strength.
Values - Each congregation holds specific core priorities which set the style and characterist of the congregation's life. An analysis of these values permits leadership to propose future ministry in ways that are consistent with the congregation's priorities.
Context- Congregational planning must also consider the church's location - demographically, culturally, and spiritually. LAMUS assists congregations in analyzing context so leaders may find opportunities for ministry so they may flourish where they are planted.
Mission- Every congregation is engaged in mission. Simple acts of fellowship and care are often overlooked because they are common-place in the life of the church. LAMUS finds ways to celebrate existing faithfulness and allow new ministries to flow from existing strengths.
As leadership plans for the future, an analysis of these pillars are crucial so plans may effectively support the church's next steps. LAMUS Consulting assists congregational leadership in implementing plans that work and allow long-term supported growth.

A congregation leaders slide-show from LAMUS: "CARPE DIEM"

LAMUS Leadership Training Classes

LAMUS Consulting has developed an 8 part (16 hour) training program and curriculum for congregation leaders.  Courses can be offered exclusively for your congregational leaders or in conjunction with other congregations in your region.  Program costs are as low as $90 per participant.  Congregational sponsorship available. 

1 - Leadership Identity & Role - The early church struggled to establish credentials for church leaders, that struggle continues
2 - Eight Ancient principles - Using Joshua 24 we review 8 characteristics of effective leaders. In particular, how they are clear about personal goals and do not "mix" their goals with the goals of the group.
3 - The Sabotage of "their" pain - In Exodus 32, Aaron "wimps out" when the people complain, wanting gods like everyone else. Effective leaders "hang tough" in the face of pain over change.
4 - Assorted snakes of anxiety - The Gospel of Matthew references vipers on several occasions. The reptilian viper drives the anxiety of the system. Leaders must raise themselves above the reptile to walk upright.
5 - Clarity about being clear - Paul's love for the Philippian church rests on his knowing they, above all else, focus on the goal of the Gospel. Considering this magnificent congregation, possibilities for our congregations can be the same.
6 - Avoid Triangles & Secrets - Since the Garden of Eden, deflection of blame keeps us from right relationships. It is the triangle and its primary tool, the secret, which destroys relationships and healthy functioning.  
7 - Teach to grow the future - Just because someone is willing, doesn't mean they're ready.
8 - Hedgehogs to the end - The Hedgehog is focused, and so he beats the fox. What is our focus?  How do we keep it?Program includes curriculum materials, certificate for completion of all 16 hours, additional discounts on LAMUS Consulting coaching materials and publications.
Topical Programs

LAMUS Consulting has developed a variety of topical programs for your congregation's spiritual and organizational growth. Programs include commuications, stewardship, family dynamics, stress management, and many more.

Consider LAMUS consulting to conduct your next educational event, leadership retreat, or informative congregational gathering.

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