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Executive Coaching Services
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Google "Executive Leadership" and be confronted with over 89 million hits.  (Spend 10 seconds on each site and you will lose 28 years!)  Journals arrive; you never get an uninterrupted moment to get through the table of contents let alone a whole article.  Catalogues are packed with informative books (perhaps) thousands of blogs offer tips and trends; but who has the time to sort through the fluff?  You've got a job to do, a company to run, a congregation to inspire, a family to consider - demands on your time that are not negotiable.   

But you
want to be more effective.

Leadership development from LAMUS focuses on the single most important factor in management, your character. 

LAMUS provides on or off-site, face-to-face or teleconference coaching. 

LAMUS believes: 
- Most individuals require an accountable relationship to improve their effectiveness.
- Management "techniques" only develop skills, they do not create leaders.
- Burnout occurs when the energy expended fails to generate the goals desired.

With over 20 years experience, Jonathan Krogh, LAMUS founder, has successfully coached parents, preachers, and presidents to discover clarity and confidence.


Executive Coaching for Pastors
Executive Coaching for Pastors

Here's the core passion of LAMUS.  Jonathan Krogh wants you to be the most effective pastor possible.   

Your presence in the congregation has impact - and LAMUS Consulting will make that impact powerful and effective without burning out!   

Krogh has taken his experience as a pastor, executive, professor, and communicator and developed an effective coaching program targeted at clergy who take their leadership seriously. 

A former student of Rabbi 
Edwin Friedman, Krogh uses a natural systems based approach.  This powerful tool focuses on your effectiveness in relationship with your congregation.  It's hard work; and its worth it!

LAMUS Consulting's services are individualized and confidential.  Krogh will work with you at any point in your professional and spiritual development.  Including:

  • Clergy struggling with personal and professional doubts
  • Individuals considering a career-change to ordained ministry
  • Students struggling to discern their call
  • Clergy families balancing responsibility and identity

Studies have demonstrated that pastors who have a personal coach are just better! 



Executive Coaching for... Executives
Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching

Individual coaching considers the balance of one's whole life.  Maintaining a healthy separation between personal goals and professional expectations allows you to chart your accomplishments, manage your untapped strength, and steer clear of burnout. 

Jonathan Krogh has nearly 25 years experience as an individual and family counselor.  Combining this experience with his work in organizational theory and corporate management allows him unique insight in the complicated dynamics of your professional life.

Coaching is not about giving "advice" or making "suggestions" it's about learning to make effictive decisions in every area of your life.  It is about how you make decisions, what you need to excel, and who you are as a leader.  ("Why?" is seldom a productive coaching question.)

Consultations occur at your convenience; we travel to your location. 

We accomodate your schedule, with a length and frequency of your choosing. 

LAMUS Consulting also believes you're in charge of your own resources.  Unlike other coaching methods that ask for an exclusive relationship, we encourage you to use LAMUS in conjunction with any other coach, consultant, counselor, or class you find that enhances your effectiveness. 

Appointments may be scheduled by email or phone 773.553.2214

Team Coaching
Team Coaching

Effective teams strengthen the individual's connection to the group, but develop the responsibility for each individual.

Effective Teams have particular characteristics:

Leaders see both the big picture and individual needs

Action is initiated from goals, not reacting to need

Conformity is far less important than getting the job done
Creativity is encouraged and rewarded even when unsuccessful
Effective Teams see problems differently:
Effective teams require each and every individual to be clear about his or her priorities and goals. "Sheep" are seldom satisfied in effective teams because personal clarity and participation is a greater priority than group identity; the group will seldom change to make individual members "happy". Effective teams get the job done even when that means trying new techniques or directions. Teams are difficult for people who love tradition or don't wish to think about how their actions effect others.  Creativity, not conformity, is rewarded.
Effective Teams remain:
In Touch with all parts of the system,
Clear about the difference between individual goals and groups goals,
Non-Anxious about the groups concern over "issues", and
Ready to Pre-empt Sabotage by rewarding creativity and differentiation.
LAMUS Executive Coaching Rates

LAMUS' base coaching rate is $150 for the 1st hour and $75/hour for same session subsequent hours*.

Because every organization differs in resources, values, context, and mission, LAMUS will work to match your organization's character, size, and budget.  Our desire is an effective outcome for every client, so discounts are available for individuals with limited resources. 

*Additional charges for travel and per diem expenses are required for consultations outside of the Chicago area.

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