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LAMUS Consulting

LAMUS now adds the expertise of Danette Krogh, Executive Vice President for Senior Service Development.  Former president of the Illinois Association of Community Care Program Homecare Providers, Danette brings nearly two decades of experience in directing homecare programs, training, and senior care standards compliance.

LAMUS also provides organization-wide consulting and executive coaching to decrease costs, develop new service streams, clarify mission, and effectively care for seniors through residential and in-home programs.

LAMUS Consulting, LLC provides training for every level of your senior service agency.  Front-line caregivers need all the support and encouragement we can provide.  We're particularly dedicated to providing quality professional training for the most practical aspects of day-to-day non-medical care.  Our trainings include topics required by the Illinois Department of Aging Community Care Program contracts.  Contact Danette Krogh to discuss your training needs.

Trainings are in 1 hour minimum units with the following exceptions:

* 2 hour minimum / ** 3 hour minimum  / + 4 hour minimum 

More than employees, caregivers are the face of your agency. Professional trainings from LAMUS will make that face shine!
More than employees, caregivers are the face of your agency.  Professional trainings from LAMUS will make that face shine!

If you or your company care for seniors, you know keeping your people trained and motivated is crucial. In addition, service providers with Community Care Program Homecare Service contracts with the Illinois Department of Aging, know that ongoing in-service training is required by your CCP contract.  LAMUS Consulting, LLC provides in-service training topics for every level of your organization.  We have dozens of topics for your direct service workers, including topics that meet IDOA specifications.  We also provide Pre-Service training programs with a curriculum designed to meet the needs of regular and preferred workers.  Contact LAMUS to schedule your next training.

Please contact us for training rates.  Discounts available for not-for-profit agencies, and for multiple trainings booked in advance. We also now offer consilidated pre-service training. Contact LAMUS to discuss rates.

Direct Caregiver

Caregiver Burnout



Organizing Important Papers

Identity Theft

Mandated Reporter (ANE)**

Allowable Transfers

Client Dignity (Rights and Responsibilities)

The Professional HCA*

Sexuality and The Older Adult

Caregiver Stress

Infection Control In The Home

Effective Communication With Seniors

Documentation Guidelines

Dealing With Client Emotions

5 Emotions of The Highly Effective Caregiver

Aging Through The Decades*

Parkinson's Disease

Universal Precautions

Alzheimers Disease*


Hoarding or Clutter?: Working With Your Client's Accumulation

Body Mechanics

When The Clouds Roll In:  Dealing with Depression

Death and Dying:  End of Life Issues

Bed Bugs

Advanced Directives

Disaster Preparedness

Slips and Falls

Home Care Aide Personal Safety

Triangles and Secrets*

Senior Management

Keep The Focus on Your Purpose+


Middle Management

Creating Diversity Trainings That Work+

Grief In The Workplace

Aspects of Training:  In-service Training From Obligation to Opportunity*

Managing From The Middle: A Budget Simulation Game+

Why Your Boss Is Always Right

Effective Team Building*

Managing Conflict**

Unemployment: How To Win*

Workers' Comp: Successful Processes*

Diversity Training

Interrupting Inappropriate Behavior In The Workplace

Anxiety and Decision Making

Documentation Guidelines*


Train The Trainer

These sessions are designed to train your staff to provide pre-service training to your frontline employees.  Covered in this series are topics required by IDOA CCP homecare provider contracts. 

Home Care Skills Enhancement+

-       Effective Cleaning+

-       Shopping and Meal Planning+

-       Meal Prep and Sanitation+

LAMUS can also directly provides pre-service training for your homecare aides. Contact LAMUS regarding curriculum and costs.

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